General Information

FAQ regarding the basics of the smoke-free legislation, how it works to improve health and also information for smokers who wish to quit.

Enforcing the Smoke-Free Law

This section answers common questions regarding who is responsible for ensuring the legislation is met, what the penalties for breaking the law is and how to report those not compliant with these legal requirements.

Locations Included in the Smoke Free Regulations

Here we answer common questions about what the law means in terms of where you can and can’t smoke and how home, work and a number of different public areas are affected.

Vehicles and the Smoke Free Law

How the Smoke Free England law impacts on vehicles that are commonly used for work purposes.

Signage For No-Smoking Areas

Here we answers the questions asked about what signs are required by law and which signs are the correct ones for your vehicle and/or your workplace and any public areas.

Smoke Free Law Exemptions

In select circumstances some premises are exempt from the smoke free legal requirements and this section explains this in more detail.