No-smoking signs

Do All Smoke Free Areas Require Signage

The Smoke Free legislation states that all public places, vehicles (public use and work related) as well as places of work are required to display the appropriate no-smoking signs. What signs are appropriate are set out in the Smoke Free (Signs) Regulations.

What Signs Do I Need For My Premises

At the entrance of every smoke free designated property owners / management are required to display the appropriate no smoking signage. These signs must adhere to the minimum standards as also set out by the Smoke Free (Signs) Regulations.

Signs must:

• Measure at least the same size as an A5 piece of paper (21cm x 14.8cm)
• Sport the internationally recognised “no smoking” symbol. This symbol shows a lit/burning cigarette within a red circle of at least 70cm diameter and the usual bar through it to show that something is not allowed.
• Read “No smoking. It is against the law to smoke in these premises” in clear and easy to read text.
*The text “these premises” may be altered to suit the individual establishment i.e. “this bar” or “this café”.
• Smaller signs, still carrying the no smoking symbol may be displayed within premises where the main entrance has the larger sign with text attached. Similarly where a business exists within another i.e. a store within a shopping centre smaller signage may be employed.

Smoke Free Vehicle Signage

Vehicles used to transport any members of the public or that are used for the purposes of work must also sport appropriate signage. These vehicle signs must also include the easy to recognise no-smoking symbol of a lit cigarette within a red (70mm diameter) circle with a bar across it.

Provided the signage meets the Smoke Free (Sign) Regulations businesses may design their own. The guidance for these signs were sent to all Company House registered businesses however further information may be sourced via the local council.

May Businesses Print Their Own Signs

In order to encourage some flexibility the government are allowing businesses to print their own no smoking signage provided the end result is correctly placed and meets the minimum requirements set out in the Smoke Free (Signs) Regulations.

Where Might a Business Obtain No Smoking Signs

The local council will be able to help source signs that meet the minimum requirements, as would a variety of online health and safety stores and business vendors. Provided a business stays within the guidelines set out by the legislation they are well within their own rights to produce their own no smoking signage.

Do Trains and/or Trucks Need Two Sets of Signage if travelling between England and Scotland, or England and Wales

Provided the vehicles in question are displaying signage which complies with the minimum requirement that is 70mm in diameter there is no need to carry additional signs.

Must Heritage Buildings Also Display Signage

Any enclosed or substantially enclosed structure which caters to the public in any way or is a work place must, as the law dictates, display signage. The legislation does allow some flexibility in that businesses and owners may design and print their own signs (in keeping with the décor) provided the minimum accepted standards are met.