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The Current Situation
England has been Smoke Free since 1st July 2007. Visit this section to read more about this and to download the “Smoke Free England – One Year On” Evaluation. This document offers a wealth of information on compliance levels, public opinion and the health benefits recorded in the first twelve months as a smoke free country.
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Where Did the Smoke Free Law Stem From
To find out more about the history behind the Smoke Free law and to see how we arrived at our current point click here.
Information on Current Regulations in Place
This section deals with information on the five sets of government legislation which makes up and explains in detail the Smoke Free law.
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The Smoke Free Law Advertising Campaigns
Click here to read and see more about how the government chose to use a variety of media to advertise the upcoming introduction of the Smoke Free law and support individuals and businesses with regards to understanding their responsibilities.
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