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ReportsThe Smoke Free Law – A Quick Guide
This easy to understand bite-sized guide shows which places fall under the Smoke Free legislation and how the laws are being enforced.
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businessInformation for Employers and Business Owners
All public places and workplaces including transport and vehicles used for work purposes are now classed as smoke free zones. This does of course have an effect on all individuals and businesses and therefore a number of resources have been put together in order to inform and support those affected.
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healthYour Health and the Wider Community
With the dangers of second hand smoke (passive smoking) being proven and widely recognised the smoke free ban which affects public places, public/work vehicles and workplaces has great health benefits. The positive changes already record show how individuals may enjoy a wider range of activities and go about their daily lives unhindered by someone else’s smoking habits. Read more on this and how you may help promote the smoke free cause here.
IndividualsSmoke Free Legislation and Individuals
Are you still able to smoke when out and about? Is it ok to smoke in your work vehicle? The answer to these questions and many more, all of which involve information on how the smoke free legislation affects individuals, may be found here.