Why Smoke Free?

Over the next decade the Smoke Free law will save thousands of lives and improve the health of many others thanks to the reduction of second hand smoke they will be exposed to. Providing support for those who want to quit while ensuring that public places and workplaces remain smoke free are just a few of the obvious benefits the Smoke Free law being introduced has, and continues to contribute to.
Secondhand smokeSecond Hand Smoke
Second hand smoke has been scientifically proven to increase the risk of someone who themselves don’t smoke of getting lung cancer by nearly twenty five percent. Similar statistics exist for the increase in the risk of non-smokers suffering from heart disease.
This section will tell you more on how second hand smoke may negatively affect health.
quick guideReports
A section dedicated to reports and relevant documents regarding second hand smoke.
This section includes a number of links to charities and health organisations offering information, advice and support about giving up smoking, related health issues and going smoke free.