Smoke Free Resources: Media packs and factsheets

  • Smoke Free is Needed – a factsheet which explains the health risks associated with second hand smoke exposure.
    Read more here (PDF 117.42KB – opens in a new window)
  • Smoke Free is Wanted – a factsheet that highlights how supportive both individuals and businesses have and continue to be regarding the introduction of a Smoke Free law.
    Read more here (PDF 93.4KB – Opens in a new window).
  • Smoke Free is Workable – This particular factsheet offers evidence to explain how the introduction of Smoke Free legislation elsewhere (outside of the UK) has affected businesses.
    Read more here (PDF 87.3KB – Opens in a new window).
  • Signage for Churches – This factsheet includes information and guidance for churches, church or community / parish church halls and other places of worship on appropriate signage under the current Smoke Free law.
    Click here to download this factsheet (PDF – 87.3KB – Opens in a new window)
  • Signage and Guidance Information – Other information on all aspects of the Smoke Free law including useful supporting documents and resources may be found via our dedicated Resource Section.