denmarkLegislation came into effect on 15 August 2007 prohibiting smoking in most public buildings. Workplaces, shops, schools, public transport and entertainment facilities are all now smokefree. Smoking is prohibited in bars, cafes and restaurants bigger than 100 sq m, although separate smoking areas are permitted. Bars smaller than 40 sq m which do not serve food are exempt.

Smoking has been restricted in state-owned governmental premises such as administrative offices, hospitals, day-care centres, residential institutions and educational establishments since 1988. Smoking is also prohibited on premises frequented by children or where food is being prepared for resale. Legislation on smoking in the workplace was introduced in 1996, and under this law smoking was only permitted in specific areas of public buildings, offices, schools, and public transport, if no one would be involuntarily exposed to tobacco smoke. The legislation didn’t apply to workplaces in the private sector, although they were encouraged to make similar provisions

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