The regulations

Information on the Smoke Free Regulations

The Government, via the Department of Health has published regulations which explain in detail the key details behind the Health Act 2006 / Smoke Free law.

These regulations offer a definition of what an enclosed area is (which defines where people can and can’t smoke under the legislation), what signage is needed and where and who is responsible for enforcement, and how will they achieve this.

The official Smoke Free (Premises and Enforcement) regulations were handed to Parliament in December 2006 and this set of regulations are primarily concerned with enforcement information and what both enclosed and substantially enclosed means in real terms.

The other key regulations put in place are the Smoke Free (Signs) Regulations. As the name suggests these detail what signage is required, minimum standards and where these must be placed to meet the legislation.

To view and read all of the regulations in place click here (opens in a new window).