A number of links to informative websites and resources regarding smoking

The Department of Health – a wealth of information regarding the health concerns and more concerning smoking and second hand smoking.

Clearing the Air: Scotland – This is the official website regarding the smoke free legislation which was implemented in March 2006. Download the legislation documents and find information on how well the changes have been received and the benefits that have resulted.

Smoking Ban: Wales – An official website which offers a range of informative resources about the smoke free legislation in place in Wales.

Go Smoke Free – A popular website from the NHS offering advice and support to help individuals give up smoking. The site also offers the function for smokers to search for up to date information on their local stop smoking clinics and support services.

Quit – Simply named this charity’s website is dedicated to helping people who want to give up smoking, offering advice and support. There is also a useful section for those who are also helping others quit smoking.

Smoke Free Action–Information and support regarding the maintenance of a smoke free workplace environment, example policies which adhere to the smoke free legislation and more.

Action on Smoking and Health – A site packed with information about second hand smoke and a wealth of other smoking related topics. There are also a number of free downloadable tobacco control fact sheets available on the website.

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – A site full of useful information on smoking and stopping smoking, as well as a number of other smoking-related topics from the charity who works to beat lung cancer.

 The British Medical Association – This is a professional website which serves to host the well-known association of doctors; offering advice, services and support to its members, of which there are in excess of 123,000.

The Royal College of Physicians – the Royal College of Physicians undertake research, offer training, examinations, work on education as well as consult for and advise the government, individuals and relevant bodies on medical and health-related issues.

The British Dental Association – This website reports on all of the latest news, research and more regarding all matters relating to and covered by the British Dental Association. The website offers information for dentists, those in training and to the public.

Cancer Research UK – This well-recognised charity works tirelessly to help cure cancer and offers advice and support to those with the disease and other who which to fundraise, campaign, attend events or find information on health related issues. The site also has the facility to accept donations.

Asthma UK – This is an information websites regarding Asthma which may be useful to patients and the public, healthcare providers and those researching asthma.

British Heart Foundation – The BHF is a charity whose main role is to fight heart disease through various means, avoiding serious illness, disability and death.

The World Health Organisation – WHO is a globally recognised health organisation who also reports that tobacco smoking is of grave concern to the public and should be the number one health priority for the government and relevant bodies. The website offers a great deal of information, including the opportunity to see what the WHO is doing around the world.

Tobacco Fact File – A site offering a wealth of key information regarding smoking.